Order Cafe Neon Signs 

Do you want your cafe to stand out from the crowd? Do you want to attract more customers? We have a solution for you. At The Neon Store, we offer a range of neon signs for cafes that will grab passerbys’ attention, welcoming them into your cafe.

The right neon cafe sign can become your cafe’s statement piece, so when selecting one, choose wisely. Your customers can take pictures with it and make posts about your cafe on social media platforms, giving your business good word-of-mouth and the potential to find new clientele. You can become popular not only among local people, but also a cafe that people travel to to check out.

You can get inspired by the ideas presented in our catalogue and choose the neon sign that you think will work best with your cafe’s ambience. You can find neon signs of different kinds with varying words, expressions, pictures or a combination of these elements. 

If you like our coffee-related neon signs but have something slightly different in mind, you can always order your own custom neon sign. To order, go to the “Create Your Neon” section on our website and fill in all the required fields. 


Why Choose Us?

If you’re wondering why you should choose a cafe neon sign from us, let us give you some reasons why we’re the best choice! Customer satisfaction is a high priority for us, so we do everything to make our customers happy. We offer a simple shipping process and a 24-month warranty. We also provide a remote control to make customers’ lives easier, so during the ordering process, people can choose if they want to include it in their order or not. Not to mention, our neon signs are eco-friendly so you can use them without worrying about causing any harm to the environment.


How Can You Contact Us?

In case of any questions regarding our cafe neon signs, or their delivery process, you can contact us via our website by going to the “Support” section and clicking “Contact Us,” or just email us at