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Get Neon Sports Signs 

Are you a huge fan of sports? Do you have favourite teams that you support, or maybe favourite sport-related expressions that you live your life by? At The Neon Store, we have a variety of sports neon signs for the sports lover. If you’re looking for sports signs as decorations for your home, game room, cafe or workplace, you’ve come to the right place. Just browse our “Sport” category and to see a wide range of signs related to different sports. There’s everything from football club logos to sporting slogans and pictures of your favourite players. 

Show off your sporting faves by finding the perfect sports neon sign for your home. It can light up your space while you watch the games! All you have to do is choose your favourite sign and we’ll deliver it to you.

If you’ve browsed through our catalogue and haven’t found the perfect sports neon lights for you, don’t worry. Customer satisfaction is a high priority for us, so we’ve created an option on our website to customise a neon sign to your exact specifications. Just click “Create Your Neon” on our homepage and type the text you want, choose the size and colour, and click “Add to Cart”. 

The price range varies so that everyone can choose what’s best for them. A neon sign makes a perfect gift for yourself or for someone in your life, so add some fun to your space with one of our sports neon signs!

Why Choose Neon Sports Signs From Us?

If you’re tossing up whether buying sports neon signs from us is right for you, here’s some additional info for you!

  • Our LED lights are built to the industry’s highest standards
  • Our signs last for 5 years
  • We offer a 24-month warranty
  • We provide simple shipping
  • Our neon signs are eco-friendly
  • We provide stress-free installation

How to Contact Us?

If you have any questions about our neon sports lights or the delivery process, you can contact us via our website by going to the “Support” section and clicking “Contact Us” or you can just email us at