• Font and Size Guide

    Neon Sign Fonts 

    We have selected over 25 fonts for you to choose from to create your custom neon sign.


    We offer a selection of 5 sizes for you to choose.

    - 20'' / 50cm

    - 29' / 75cm

    - 40" / 100cm

    - 60" / 150cm

    - 79" / 200cm

    - 99" / 250cm

    Recommended Sizes

    - Living rooms, we recommend between 29" / 75cm and 79" / 200cm

    - Bedrooms, we recommend between 20" / 50cm and 60" / 150cm

    - Kid rooms, we recommend between 40" / 100cm and 99" / 250cm

    - Shops and offices, we recommend between 40" / 100cm and 99" / 250cm

    - Weddings, we recommend between 29" / 75cm and 59" / 150cm

  • Description


    • LED neon light: our flexible LED neon tube is a new technology of neon. LED neon light provides a longer lifespan that original glass neon. The neon signs remain cold, silent, safe and eco-friendly because it is low voltage.  
    • Backing: 5mm Clear by default to support your sign. You can also choose from a number of other options, black, white, gold mirror and silver mirror.


    Good question! To keep things simple we give you everything you need the moment your neon lands at your door:

    • LED neon sign ready to use and customised to your specifications
    • +50 000 hours lifetime 
    • Low Voltage 12V, transformer compatible according to the country of your choice 
    • Power Cord length: 6’ = 180 cm of Clear Cord / 7’8” = 260 cm Power Cord 
    • 0.19” = 5 mm Clear Acrylic Backing, pre drilled to ease the installation 
    • Kit: wall mounting screws or/and ceiling mount  
    • 2 year warranty for all LED neon signs. 
    • Wireless Remote & Dimmer (LED Variant Only) to make life easy


    Easy to install. Simply hang your neon sign, plug it to an outlet and your new custom neon light is ready to shine! 

  • Shipping

    Worldwide shipping within 3-4 weeks.
    Possibility of Express Shipping 10 business days $100 extra (choose the option in the checkout)
Custom Neon Signs

Everything is designed and made in-house, and can be adjusted to your exact specifications. Now that’s what we call personal service!

Adaptor Included

We add it as standard because we know it’ll come in handy. Need a different plug? Make sure to ask us at the checkout…

Simple Shipping

Need it quicker than our 3-5 week lead time? Click ‘Rush My Order’ at the checkout to get it in as little as 14 days.

Stress-Free Installation

Acrylic board, boxes, or stands; you take your pick. We’ll add the pre-drilled holes and your sign will practically mount itself when you open the box!

24-Month Warranty

Get peace of mind for 2 years of bliss and you’ll wonder why the rest of the industry prefers just 12 months. No, we’re not sure either…

Optional Remote Control

Sit back, chill out, and show off with a handy little remote you’ll never want to let out of your sight

Eco-Friendly Neons

They’re free from mercury and toxic gases, last 50,000 hours, and use a fraction of the power of traditional neon lights. What’s there not to love?

Always Eye-Catching

If there’s a more vivid range of colours out there, we certainly haven’t found them yet. Trust us, we’ve got the colour side of things covered!