About Us


As a new business built on bright ideas (pun intended), we love nothing more than bringing your vision to life. By getting creative, having fun, and bringing new ideas to the table, we turn your ideas into quality products you’ll never want to be without. We love everything about customer service and going the extra mile for you. But that’s enough about us…let’s shine a light on you (another pun) for a minute. We know you want stress-free products that light up the place and make you smile, so that's exactly what we’ll give you. Each one is like the ideal roommate who never makes a noise or leaves a mess. All your neon will do is welcome you home to put your feet up.

Want to talk neons? We ship all over the world... all you have to do is contact us.

Want to know about our neon signs?

How Do We Make Your Neon Sign?

Everything is handmade with the personal touch, because nothing else will do. To make it happen in style, we use nothing but high quality LED flex cased in flex rubber tubing, before mounting on a clear acrylic backboard. We’ve even got some new rose gold if that’s what you have your eye on.

What Types Of Neon Signs Do We Make?

We’ll make anything and everything you want. Tabletop neon lamps, box neon night lights, aesthetic light up signs, neon sculptures, and floor standing neon light signs are what we do best. Simply tell us what you need and we’ll take it from there.

What About The Power Supply?

Good question my friend! Each sign comes complete with an Australian certified power adaptor (our gift to you), plus a 1-2 m* clear cord. The clear cord is plugged into the power adaptor, which has another 1-2 m* of clear cord — now that’s smart!

How About The Fancy Options?

We can supply a remote control, dimmer, and flashing neon lights — whatever you need, we’ll take care of it in a flash. If you treat yourself to a remote control, you can also toggle between 10 brightness settings, and steal the show by getting it to flash at a whole host of speeds!

Isn’t It Hard To Hang LED Wall Signs?

Don’t believe the rumours! Hanging our signs is so easy because they come with pre-drilled holes. We’ll even swap you a wall mounting kit for a few extra dollars if you want to really tackle this like a pro!

What About The Planet?

We care about going green just as much as you do, which is why we’ve gone for low energy designs as standard. They use a fraction of the power of real glass or vintage neon signs, which is good news for everyone.

How Long Do Our LED Neon Lights Last?

50,000 hours is the standard, which means typically 10 years, or 5 years if it looks so good you never want to turn it off.

Are LED Neon Lights Safe?

LED flex doesn’t have any of that nasty mercury or toxic gas, no breakable glass, and it’ll never get hot. If there’s a safer sign that’ll look better in a kid’s bedroom, we’d be amazed! *The exact length of the cord depends on the size of the sign. Trust us, we know what we’re doing!