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Retail and Office Neon Signs

Whether you own a small shop or are a national retailer, having a neon sign in your space can make a huge difference in terms of attracting potential customers. The combination of bright neon colours and a beautiful image or some funny text will ensure that passersby will take a look at your business. You could get new customers who’ve never noticed your shop before, or gain attention with people taking photos to share on social media of your fun neon sign.

These days, neon signs are becoming so popular that you’ll even find them showing up in offices. Do you have a neon sign in your office? If not, you may want to invest in one to add some bright neon colours to the workspace and make your office look more modern. Having an eye-catching office neon sign around will make the office environment more attractive and welcoming, and it might even spark some creative thinking from your staff.


Get Neon Lights For Your Shop or Office

In our “Retail+Office” catalogue you will find a range of office and shopping neon signs. There is no need to worry about colours or sizes, as all our neon signs are available in diverse colours, sizes and shapes. You can also find neon signs for shops and offices at different prices, so you’ll have more flexibility in your choice to suit your budget. 

If you can’t find anything after browsing our catalogue of neon signs for offices and shops, then you can make your own custom order. You’ll just need to click “Create Your Neon” on the homepage and fill in all the required fields on the opened page. 


Why Choose Office and Shopping Neon Signs From Us?

First things first. Here at The Neon Store, we make eco-friendly neon lights in order to not harm the environment and damage people’s health. We put our customers' needs first, so we provide a simple shipping process and stress-free installation of the signs, so that our clients don’t worry about any technical issues. We also provide a remote control so that it’s easier for people to control the neon signs. To have a remote control included in your pruchase, just tell us when making the order.


How Can You Contact Us?

If you have any further questions about our office neon signs and our neon lights for shops, you can easily contact us via our website by going to the “Support” section and clicking “Contact Us,” or just email us at