Neon Wedding Signs: Incredible Ideas for Memorable Events

Neon Wedding Signs: Incredible Ideas for Memorable Events

Make your special day stand out with a neon wedding sign. Neon signs are the perfect way to add personality and a modern glow to wedding events. They also make a great spot for your guests to take a memorable Insta pic or for you to take some unique wedding photos. 

Whether you’re after something simple or dramatic, from party neon signs to neon lights with a message, we have plenty of styles to choose from.

Here are some ideas for how you can use these beautiful lights at your wedding to have your day shine as bright as your love.

Wedding-Themed Neon Signs

Neon signs are a great way to give your party a personal touch and a modern look. They can help people find their way, add to the theme, make beautiful backdrops, or even become a memento that you can keep in your home. Here are some ideas for wedding-themed neon signs, focusing on texts and patterns.

1. Classic love phrases

  • "Til Death Do Us Part": Perfect for a romantic or gothic-themed wedding.
  • "Happily Ever After": Ideal for creating a fairy-tale ambiance.
  • "Better Together": A simple yet powerful message that celebrates unity.
  • You can even highlight your shared love for literature with quotes that have special meaning to your relationship.

      2. First names or initials

      • Bespoke sign with both names: use script or font that matches your wedding's style.
      • Monogram sign: your initials intertwined in neon for a sophisticated touch.

      3. Significant dates

      • Wedding date in numerals: a minimalist design that commemorates your special day.
      • "Est. [Year]": mark the beginning of your journey together.

      4. Symbolic imagery

      • Heart or infinity symbol: classic symbols that represent love and eternity.
      • Custom silhouettes: your profiles or a meaningful icon that represents you as a couple.

      5. Fun and whimsical

      • "Let's Dance": place it over the dance floor to invite guests to boogie.
      • "Eat, Drink, and Be Married": perfect for the dining area or bar.

      6. Nature-inspired

      • Floral or leaf patterns: bring an organic feel with neon signs shaped like your favourite flowers or foliage.
      • "Under the Stars": perfect for outdoor or celestial-themed weddings, complete with a neon star or constellation.

      Creative Ways to Brighten Your Wedding

      neon wedding signs

      Here are some creative ways to brighten up your wedding.

      1. Love timeline

      What better way to bring your love story to life than with a neon sign that features important moments from your time together? From your first date to the proposal and up to your wedding day, tell your guests the tale of your romance with neon lights. Neon lights can be used to highlight the key moments that made you realise you were in love, making a beautiful timeline that gives your place a personal touch.

      On your big day, have something different to the standard picture booth: make an interactive lighting wall with signs that say fun things like "kiss the bride," "happily ever after," and "Mr. & Mrs.". Not only will your guests love taking some snaps in this bright space, your wedding will stand out from the pack with this unique experience.

      You can also use a timeline neon sign to light the path leading to your ceremony or reception area, allowing guests to walk through your love story.

      2. Custom-made neon lights

      You can make custom neon signs:

      • Use your favourite picture of you and your partner to make a custom neon silhouette. This glowing picture can be used as a beautiful backdrop for your head table or a photo booth. It will give your wedding decor a personal and artistic touch.
      • You could use your names, initials, or a meaningful quote that fits with your relationship. Any text can be turned into a bright script or block letters on custom neon signs. There is a huge variety of font styles available to match the mood of your wedding, from fun and silly to classy and formal.
      • Neon signs come in a lot of different colours, so you can make sure the neon matches or complements the colours of your wedding. Whether you like the classic romance of soft pink, the calm beauty of sky blue, or the warm glow of golden yellow, there’s a neon light in a colour to suit your wedding day.

      Worried that your custom neon sign might not turn out how you want? You can get digital mock-ups of your design so you can see how the sign will look and make any changes you want before it’s made. So you can be sure you get what you want.

      3. Themed neon sign inspirations

      Incorporating neon signs into themed weddings not only highlights the theme but also adds a modern, vibrant touch that can transform the ambiance of your celebration. Here are some neon sign ideas tailored to various wedding themes, each designed to complement and improve the overall aesthetic of your special day.

      ● For vintage glamour, imagine the couple's names in a classic Hollywood-style font in soft gold or white neon, adding a timeless elegance over the dance floor or bar.

      ● The phrase "barefoot in the sand" alongside a neon palm tree or wave symbol, in vibrant blues and greens, captures the essence of a beach-themed wedding, bringing a cool, tropical vibe to the decor. Near the entrance to the wedding venue or as a highlight in the outdoor lounge area, this sign will improve the beachy atmosphere.

      ● Bohemian bliss uses a neon mandala or "wild love" phrase against greenery and boho decor in amber or green, perfect as a ceremony backdrop or chill-out zone highlight.

      ● In a modern minimalist setting, a geometric heart or initials in cool white or pink neon bring a sleek, modern touch above the cake or in a photo gallery.

      ● Music-loving couples can opt for music-related neon signs shaped like their favourite musical instruments or lyrics from a meaningful song. This adds a personal and emotional touch, celebrating the harmony of your union in a visually captivating way.

      Ideas for Design and Placement

      The visual impact of neon signs is one of the best things about them. They make a strong statement and can turn a simple place into a striking one. But where to put them?

      • Welcoming entrances: put a neon sign at the front door of your venue to greet guests and set the mood for the event right away.
      • Photo booths and selfie stations: use a celebration neon sign to make a fun background for photos. Not only does this get people to take pictures that they will remember, but when those pictures are shared on social media, they also get the word out about your event.
      • Dance floors and stages: Put neon signs in these places to make the space more lively and ask people to enjoy the show. An easy-to-read sign that says "dance" can encourage people to get moving.
      • Bar and buffet areas: Use bright signs like "cheers" or "bon appétit" to draw attention to the bar or food tables, and send guests in the right direction.

      Why Should You Choose Neon Wedding Signs?

      Neon signs capture a special combination of romance and modern style that makes them perfect for couples who want to create a memorable wedding atmosphere. They make great backgrounds for pictures, help guests find their way, and can create a mood that's both fun and classy.

      From welcome and entertainment neon signs to custom-made neon lights that tell your story, these bright details can make your wedding an event that people will remember fondly, thanks to the amazing photos they’ll have to cherish forever. So use neon to light up your love, and make your wedding shine as brightly as your future together.