Tips to Create Your Own Custom Neon Sign

tips creating custom neon signs

Do you love neon signs? Are you looking to create your own custom neon sign? Then this is the perfect guide for you! We'll walk through the steps to create a custom sign from start to finish to make sure you have all the info you need to make the perfect neon sign for you!

Pick a colour  

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You'll want to pick a colour that matches your space, business, personality and/or brand.

If you have a bold personality and want people to know it the second they walk in the door, what about bright pink? Consider what you’re representing: is it a plant store where green would be the right fit? Maybe you’re after a subtle but still shining white neon sign at the entrance of your business?

You should take the aesthetics of your space into consideration when choosing to ensure the colours match and also allow your neon sign to stand out. Make sure whatever colour you choose will work for everyone who needs see it clearly from across the room without straining their eyes or causing other issues.

Get to know the character limit

Once you've decided what to say, it's important to know how many characters are available for your custom neon sign. The character limit depends on the size of your sign and how much space you want for each letter.

For example, if we’re making a custom neon sign that reads "I love you," then our maximum characters would be 21 (8 words in a 2-line message). However, if we had decided to write something like "Come on over and hang out with me--we can have fun together!", then this would be considered an "A Grade" sign--which means that there is no maximum number of characters allowed! 

Choose a font with personality

You know those fonts on signs that have a certain eye-catching X factor to them? Those unique fonts are more likely to be memorable, fun and interesting than the ones you find in Microsoft Word.

That's because they have personality! And if you want your neon sign to stand out from the crowd, then it needs some too. A good way to do this is by choosing a font with personality — it'll make people notice your sign right away and hopefully spark their curiosity enough so they'll come closer (and ideally enquire about your business!).

Figure out your message

While you're thinking about what to say, consider the following:

  • Make sure your message is clear and concise. If people can't read it, they won't understand what you want them to know.
  • Don't use fonts that are hard to read. The more complicated a font is, the harder it will be for people to read, and they could easily pass the sign by without even a second glance.
  • Don't use too many words or colours in one sentence either as it can be distracting.
  • Keep things short; no one wants their attention span tested by reading through an essay on neon signs. What is it you want people to know when they look at the sign? Whether it’s just the business name, your motto or opening hours, keep it simple and straightforward.

    Come up with an idea for the back of your sign

    The back of your sign is just as important as the front, so make sure you give it some thought. You want your neon to be unique and original, but also related to the message on the front.

    The best way to do this is by coming up with an idea that speaks both individually and universally — something that doesn't just apply to one person or thing but could also work for everyone else who sees it!

    Simplicity is key here: if you have too much going on in your design (or even worse, nothing at all), people won't know what they're looking at when they glance at your neon from across the street or down an alleyway late at night after last call.

    Keep things clean and easy-to-read so that anyone who walks by can get the exact message you’re trying to convey, without any doubt about what you’re selling.

    Consider how you'll hang your sign and make sure you have the necessary brackets, hardware and tools

    Now that we've covered the basics of neon sign design and construction, let's talk about hanging your sign. You need to know how much weight your sign can hold and what kind of brackets (if any) are required for installation. This can vary depending on whether or not you're hanging the sign from a wall or ceiling, so make sure to check with a professional if you're unsure.

    You'll also want to make sure that all necessary tools and screws/bolts are on hand before starting this project.

    Get creative and make something unique

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    The best way to create something that's truly your own is by being creative and using your imagination. Think of all the ways you can make this neon sign unique, whether it's adding personal touches or choosing a font that isn't used in many other places. The key here is being different! If you want something genuinely special for your home or business, don't be afraid to do things differently than everyone else does them. After all, nothing makes an impression quite like being unique.

    Custom neon signs are the perfect way to add some fun and personality to any space! 

    Neon signs are the perfect way to add some fun and personality to any space. Whether you're looking for a way to show off your creative side, or just want to make a space feel more like home, neon signs are the perfect addition to your space. 

    Neon signs let you express yourself in ways that can’t be done by other types of decor. If you want something that's going to stand out from the crowd, then neon is definitely the way forward. 

    There are so many ways to create a custom neon sign, so let this article be a springboard for your creativity! Whether it's an old-fashioned business sign or a modern design, we hope these tips will help guide you through the process of creating your own unique piece of art.