Simple Ways to Use Neon Signs in Home Decor

Neon Signs in Home Decor

Neon lights aren't just for the Vegas Strip or your local diner's 'open' sign. They've made their way into all types of homes, offering a cool glow that can transform any space from bland to grand. 

We'll look at some trendy and energy-efficient methods to add neon to your home's decor in this post. So let's get started if you're prepared to add some glowing charm to your home.

Introduction to Neon in Home Decor

Neon Signs in Home Decor


Have you ever walked into a room and felt instantly energised by the vibrant glow of neon? It's like a jolt of caffeine for your eyes, and it's continually becoming a more popular choice for those looking to add a modern, edgy vibe to their home decor. But how do you install such a bold element without turning your cosy den into Times Square? That's what we're here to explore. Let’s talk about the ways you can use neon signs in your home decor.

1. Welcome greetings in the foyer

The foyer is your home's introduction, a space that sets the expectations for the rest of your home's decor. A neon sign with a warm greeting not only illuminates the space but also acts as a beacon of hospitality. Create custom neon signs that reflect your personality; be it a favourite quote, your name, or a design that holds special meaning. You can take this a step further by using phrases in different languages, or even a playful ‘where the adventure begins’-style message to reflect a warm and welcoming space.

2. Dreamy bedroom vibes

Why should the common spaces have all the fun? Neon light bedroom decors are all the rage nowadays. Picture a soft pink hue casting a romantic glow or a calm blue reminding you of the night sky. Neon signs in the bedroom can serve as nightlights or mood setters, depending on how you want to unwind after a long day.

Consider dimmable options that won’t disrupt sleep, and choose words or shapes that have personal significance — like a phrase from a favourite poem or a constellation of stars. It’s both an art piece and a source of lighting that can guide you into sweet dreams.

3. Living room art

Neon art in the living room isn't just about colour and light, it's about expressing your personality. You can mix traditional with modern by placing a neon sign above a mantelpiece or alongside classic artwork. A neon outline of a famous painting or a thought-provoking one-liner can bring a new element of sophistication to the room.

4. Motivational office decor

For those who work from home, creating an inspiring environment is key. A neon sign with a motivating message can set the stage for success. ‘Think big’ or ‘make it happen’ positioned above your workspace can serve as a visual pep-talk. Also, cool blue or green colours can have a calming effect, reducing stress on busy days.

5. Playful children's rooms

In children’s rooms, neon signs can be more than decor, they can also serve as a unique night light that makes bedtime fun. Shapes like a favourite superhero symbol or fairy-tale castle can spark the imagination. Consider neon signs with a dimmer to adjust the light for storytime or to gently fade as your child falls asleep.

6. Kitchen quirks

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and neon signs can complement its warmth. A neon sign depicting a classic diner or your family’s favourite sweet treat can create a focal point that's both nostalgic and appetising. Place it near the breakfast nook for a bright start to the day or as a centrepiece in a dine-in kitchen.

7. Zen bathroom retreat

You can make your bathroom feel like a spa with cool lights. A neon sign that says ‘breathe’ can help you relax during bathtime. It gives off a soft light that makes the whole room’s atmosphere calmer. It's like having a spa at home where you can really unwind.

8. Home bar flair

A home bar with a neon sign brings the energy of your favourite nightlife spot into your home. Vintage-inspired signs can lend a classic pub feel, while modern designs can create a sleek, club-like environment. Tailor it to the theme of your bar — tropical for a tiki bar, or art deco fonts for a 1920s vibe.

9. Seasonal decor

Switching out neon signs with the seasons can keep your home decor fresh and exciting. Imagine a neon snowman during winter holidays or a bright sun for the summer. These elements can be the finishing touch that ties your seasonal decorations together, adding an extra layer of festivity to your home.

10. Personalised hallway galleries

Personalising your space with a custom neon sign on a gallery wall can tell your family’s story visually. This can be an interactive part of your home where guests can learn more about your family's heritage, passions and dreams. It’s not just decor, it's a narrative!

Neon signs are a bold and beautiful way to make a statement in your home decor. Moreover, today's neon signs utilise LED technology and don’t consume much energy. They're versatile, energy-efficient and offer a unique touch to your home. With the ability to customise and choose signs that fit your style and energy considerations, neon can be the perfect addition to make your space glow. So why not light up your life with a splash of neon?